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Allen EZ Mount Horn Bracket


EZ Mount Horn Bracket



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5 in stock

Product Details

Elevate your trophy display with the EZ Mount Horn Bracket. The bracket provides a solution for showcasing your prized antlers while preserving their natural attachment to the skull. With its slotted design, this bracket enables seamless attachment through the skull plate. The bracket offers complete customization to angle the antler to your desired position; you may tilt and adjust the antlers from side-to-side swing. Crafted from solid steel, this bracket assures enduring strength, while its matte black finish adds a solid final touch. Simplify installation with included mounting screws and drywall anchors, making this stand a must-have for any hunter who’s looking to showcase their prized trophies.

Product Features

  • EZ MOUNT HORN BRACKET: Designed to mount deer-sized game, showcasing antlers while preserving their natural attachment to the skull.
  • ADJUSTABLE DISPLAY: Customize the tilt of the antlers to desired angle to enhance the presentation.
  • SWINGING BRACKET: Allows the bracket to swing side to side, enhancing the dynamic display.
  • SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from durable steel, ensuring durability and long-term use.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE MOUNTING KIT: Includes screws and drywall anchors for a hassle-free setup & easy installation.
  • BLACK MATTE FINISH: Features a sleek matte finish to complement any setting.
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