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Allen EZ Mount Trophy Skull Hanger, Black


EZ Mount Trophy Skull Hanger, Black



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6 in stock

Product Details
The EZ Mount Skull Hanger is the ultimate way to elevate your trophy collection. Built to mount a European mount with precision and versatility. This trophy hanger is specially designed for Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, and other similar-sized game, ensuring a perfect fit for your trophy. Crafted with ingenuity, the skull bracket features dual prongs that securely hold the skull under tension, ensuring a stable and secure display. The two bendable stabilizing arms prevent any unwanted side-to-side movement, guaranteeing a steady and flawless presentation. The bracket’s arm can be set to three different tilt positions, allowing you to find the perfect angle for showcasing your trophy. For added value, the entire assembly swings on the mounting plate, offering unparalleled flexibility in orienting the mount according to your specific preferences and surroundings.

Product Features
EZ MOUNT SKULL HANGER: Skull mount is sized to fit whitetail deer, mule deer, black bear, & antelope, ensuring versatility for various trophy displays.
ADJUSTABLE SWIVEL BRACKET: Complete customization with a swivel bracket, allowing you to position the mount in the perfect angle to showcase your trophy.
STABLE SKULL HOLDER: Two-pronged holder adds tension & stability, eliminating any wobbling or movement for a secure and flawless presentation.
PROVIDED MOUNTING KIT: Comprehensive instructions & all necessary mounting hardware is provided for a hassle-free assembly.
EASY INSTALLATION: Effortless setup process, making it user-friendly for hunters and trophy enthusiasts alike.
PATENT PENDING: A cutting-edge design with a patent pending, ensuring you have a unique and exclusive product to showcase your prized trophies.

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