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Breakthrough Clean Technologies Rifle Battle Rope 2.0 w/ EVA Case, .25, 264 Caliber & 6.5mm, Multi-Color

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Battle Rope 2.0 Rifle



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6 in stock

Product Details
The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Battle Rope™ 2.0 is the perfect on-the-go cleaning option for those needing a quick and efficient clean on the range. The newly upgraded design includes an integrated flip-out pull handle that doubles as a weight allowing the cable to easily feed through the barrel of your firearm. The integrated bronze brush (one for handgun, two for rifle & shotgun) scrubs away stubborn carbon, while the extra-thick rope wipes up residue for a superior clean. Easily detach the brass coupling from the flex cable to wash the rope. Store the Battle Rope™ 2.0 in its storage case and sling it in your range bag or clip it via its MOLLE strap or included carabiner.

Product Features
GUN CLEANING TOOL: Our newly upgraded design includes a detachable brass coupling with an integrated flip-out pull handle for easy cleaning. It doubles in weight, so the line can easily feed through the barrel of your firearms as you pull the rope.
BORE CLEANER: We crafted a thick rope for superior cleansing action with built-in bronze brushes. The brush helps scrub away stubborn carbon build-up, while the extra-thick rope helps wipe away residue.
GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES: The perfect on-the-go solution for quick & efficient gauge cleaning on the range. A convenient storage case is included & provides easy attachment to your carrier via the MOLLE strap or included carabiner.
BORE KIT: The rope is compact, durable, & lightweight, so it can easily fit in your range bag to assure you’re always ready for a quick scrub. The barrel snake provides an efficient clean in one pass & does not have to be gravity fed.

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