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Browning Silver Field Auric 12GAx3-1/2″ 26″bbl

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Silver Field – Auric

12 Gauge

Semi Auto






Non Restricted


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1 in stock

With an easily recognizable semi-humpbacked receiver silhouette, Browning Silver shotguns perfectly honor the historic Browning legacy. The proven Active Valve Gas System of the Silver is one of the softest recoiling and easiest shooting guns available today, delivering up to a significant decrease in felt recoil over the competition. What sets it apart from other Silver models is the Browning AURIC Concealment camo hydrodip finish on the stock and forearm. This shotgun is made to be affordable but it still functions at the level you expect from Browning shotguns.

The self-adjusting Active Valve Gas System efficiently adjusts to reliably fire a wide range of loads. The piston retains more gas from light loads to aid reliability and vents more gas from heavy loads to lessen felt recoil. Excess gases are vented out the top of the forearm and away from the receiver for cleaner, more reliable operation. Efficient venting of gases reduces felt recoil for faster, more accurate follow-up shots and all-day shooting comfort regardless of the loads being fired. The bolt and bolt slide are coated with a tough, durable phosphate finish.

AURIC is a technical interpretation of wetland and dry grass terrain from an aerial point of view, specifically engineered to displace the hard silhouette of the human shape during overhead and fly by encounters. AURIC utilizes a combination of naturally-occuring colors with abstract shapes that cause vertical and horizontal disruption that confuses waterfowl and prevents them from pinpointing colors that naturally draw focus. At farther distances, the yellow and tan colors overtake the dark brown and cause a color-blending effect. Additionally, atmospheric optics and white-light color scattering react with the yellows and tans to reduce any optical footprint. During cold front weather systems, AURIC exploits MIE lighting to replicate a hazy or washed out appearance for even greater effectiveness.

Silver Field Camo Features

  • Browning AURIC Concealment camouflage
  • Bi-tone black and charcoal receiver finish
  • Composite stock with textured gripping surfaces
  • Brass bead front sight
  • Ideal for hunting

Silver Features

  • Active Valve Gas System reliably cycles a wide range of loads and reduces felt recoil
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy receiver
  • Semi-humpback receiver shape offers a longer sight plane
  • Bolt and bolt slide are coated with a durable phosphate finish
  • Three Invector-Plus choke tubes included


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