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Caesar Guerini Magnus Light 20GAx3″ 28″ bbl DEMO

UPC: 8057592434944D

Caesar Guerini

Magnus Light

20 Gauge

Break Action






Non Restricted


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$6,699.99 $8,399.99

1 in stock

Factory Demo in Excellent Condition with full factory warranty and Pitstop Service. 


Chosen as the best new shotgun by a panel of experts at Outdoor Life Magazine, the Magnus Light is truly an extraordinary shotgun. Now we have decided to make it even better. We have dramatically enhanced the engraving with ornamental scroll and gold game scenes while not changing the price. It weighs an astounding six pounds in twelve gauge and barely over five pounds in 20, 28, and .410 gauges. Every detail is carefully considered to reduce weight and maintain balance. The frame and fore-end iron are machined from a solid forging of the best aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Durability is insured through the use of hardened steel at all high-wear points. To make the gun as light as possible and maintain perfect balance, we hollow the stock and craft the fore-end hardware from the same alloy as the receiver. If you hunt demanding terrain or just appreciate a light, responsive bird gun, the Magnus Light is the shotgun of choice. Every Caesar Guerini field gun comes with a velvet lined lockable hard case and five precision patterned flush chokes (CYL, IC, M, IM, F). A plastic choke case is also included.


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