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Caesar Guerini Tempio Light Syren 20GAx3″ 28″ bbl DEMO

UPC: 8057592435545D

Caesar Guerini

Tempio Light Syren

20 Gauge

Break Action






Non Restricted


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$5,399.99 $6,799.99

1 in stock

Factory Demo in Excellent Condition with full factory warranty and Pitstop Service. 


Did you know that a Ruffed Grouse can accelerate to fifty miles an hour in just a few yards, while flying through heavily wooded terrain? During a covey rise a Bobwhite quail can reach 40mph in a short distance, but usually with a number of birds going in different directions simultaneously. With birds this fast you need something to help improve your odds. The Syren Tempio light is just the advantage you are looking for. With its exceptionally light weight and quick pointing characteristics it is the perfect match for the fastest game birds on the planet. Weighing between 5.25lbs and 6lbs it will also be a dream to carry during long days in the field. If you are passionate about pursuit of upland game birds, the new Syren Tempio Light is the perfect companion.

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