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Cluck & Squeal All Purpose Himalayan Seasoned Salt 120g

Cluck & Squeal

All Purpose Himalayan Seasoned Salt



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3 in stock


SIMPLE – Replace your salt in all your recipes with our All Purpose Himalayan seasoned salt, and then a touch more to taste if needed.

PERFECT MEASURE – Add 1 tablespoon for each pound of meat to make Burgers or Sausages.

IN MODERATION – According to fat content, thickness, and your chosen ingredient.

ROASTED CHICKEN & STEAKS – Moderately covered, you can still see the meat through the seasoning.

PRIME RIB & BBQ BRISKET – Covered well, marinate for one hour, and ensure the seasoned salt has adhered well. Add coarse butcher black pepper to experience a Central Texas Style Barbecue flavour.

Do NOT ignore your soups, salads, dressing, sauces, vegetables and much more.

Turn Up the HEAT – Our small batch pure chili pepper blend, “Tasty Hot” pairs perfectly with the All Purpose Himalayan seasoned salt, combined together for a spicy flavourful heat.

Firecook Marc Cardinali’s balanced award-winning flavour blend of spices, paired with Himalayan salt that is known to offer 84 minerals supporting numerous health benefits has now been designed to enhance all your favourite savory dishes.

WE LOVE IT ON: Our table! Yup you got it! You don’t even have to cook with it. Simply just replace your salt. We add it to our mashed potatoes or mashed squash with a bit of butter and season as desired. We can’t make it any easier to use and flavourful for the masses to savour/enjoy/crave/fall in love with.

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