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Cluck & Squeal Original Rib Formula Seasoning & BBQ Rub 120g

Cluck & Squeal

Original Rib Formula Seasoning & BBQ Rub



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2 in stock


This award-winning rib rub is formulated lower in salt, so it can be applied generously. Once your ribs are tender, glaze them with pure maple syrup and add a dusting of Rib Formula. No need for sauce! Cluck & Squeal Rib Formula is also a proven winner with pork belly, chicken wings, and thighs. This product welcomes the addition of sweet, spicy, and espresso grounds.  The Cluck & Squeal website features recipes that expand the use of this product – pork ribs are just the beginning!

Original Rib Rub Recipe

The best ribs ever.  Coat/rub the ribs liberally and allow the spices to fuse with the ribs for a minimum of 1-2 hours prior to cooking. (TIP – Coat your ribs in mustard so the rub adheres)   Cook your ribs your style. Smoke, bake, low and slow or slow cooker.  Finish with a touch of maple syrup to sweeten it up a notch or add Tasty Hot to Cluck & Squeal All Purpose blend to add that touch of heat and kick.

WE LOVE IT ON: Pork Ribs & Belly, Chicken, Fish, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables, Potatoes, Soups & Stews especially coconut based, Dips, complement amazingly with sweet (designed especially to pair with maple syrup) & heat, and much, much more.

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