CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader – .50 Caliber – 1:28 Twist Rate



Optima V2

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The CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader offers improvements from the original CVA Optima. This redesign has improved both the useability and functionality of the rifle as well as the downrange performance.

A subtle, yet highly favorable new feature to the Optima V2 line is the actuated breeching lever which has been integrated into the trigger guard. This improvement makes opening the breech significantly easier even when the gun is dirty. It also eliminates the chances of a breeching button becoming stuck or broken out in the field.

In addition, the trigger has been updated from the original Optima. The Optima V2 now features a neutral center-of-gravity trigger system, that is both crisp and clean breaking. This upgrade allows the shooter to maintain better down-range accuracy and precision with every shot.

For ease of use especially for maintenance and cleaning, the Optima V2 has been outfitted with CVA’s patented Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP). This new breech plug design allows for the removal of the breech plug by hand, absolutely no tools required. Not only does this save time during cleaning, but also it allows for quick access to the barrel even in the field when you may not have a wrench on hand.

To ensure this muzzleloader is an excellent option for anyone, CVA has crafted a new 100% ambidextrous stock coupled with a reversible hammer spur so the gun can be fired by right and left-handed shooters. The Optima V2 also features a CrushZone recoil pad which reduces the amount of felt recoil on the shoulder and improves comfort when shooting heavier charges.

The barrel of the rifle measures 26” and is comprised of stainless steel to help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, the barrel has been fluted to cut down on weight and ensure the rifle is easy to pack and maneuver out in the field. This rifle features a 1:28 rate of twist and is ideally suited to shoot belted conical bullets such as the Powerbelt series or Hornady Bore Driver series bullets.

Rounding out the muzzleloader CVA has included a one-piece DuraSight® DEAD-On™ scope mount free of additional charge as well as a PalmSaver Ramrod to ensure comfortable loading with every shot.

If you are in the market for a gun packed with excellent features that won’t break the bank, this is a great option for you!

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