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Kolar Max Trap T/A High Profile Unsingle Combo 12GA 32″/34″ BBL


Max Trap T/A High Profile Unsingle Combo

12 Gauge

Break Action







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Precisely Set P.O.I.
The Kolar Max Trap T/A is available with either 34” un-single, 34” over-single or a 30” or 32” over-under. It features fully adjustable ribs on all barrels. With the addition of the new standard low-profile (LP) rib, the Max Series TA combo now offers a range of Point Of Impact (P.O.I.) capability from 60% to 150%.

All combos are delivered with the barrels set to the same P.O.I. unless otherwise specified.

Maximum Pattern Efficiency
The barrels on the Kolar Max Trap T/A are the new light contour .740 bore, with extra-long forcing cones and factory CTs for maximum pattern efficiency.

A weight kit is available to meet your specific balance requirements when choosing the over-single barrel.

Unobstructed Target Acquisition
Stocks are designed to promote a heads-up gun mount, which promotes rapid unobstructed target acquisition. All stocks are fitted with a six-way adjustable comb. The forend is an extended beavertail design. Both stock and forend are cut from high-quality English walnut.

All guns are supplied in a Kolar hard case. New Kolar Custom Negrini Design.


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  • Calibers: 12ga
  • 32”: 10mm-6mm Tapered Flat Rib
  • Krieghoff Titanium Extended screw-in chokes, includes five titanium choke tubes (SK, IC, LM, M, IM) and choke wrench.
  • White pearl front bead and metal center bead
  • Hardened, nickel plated steel receiver with satin grey finish
  • Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length. Trigger pull: Approximately 3-3/4 lbs.
  • Top tang push button safety. Can be locked in “off“ position
  • Fine-checkered select Turkish walnut stock and forend
  • Standard: #3 Sporting Stock
  • Schnabel Style Forend
  • Satin Epoxy wood finish
  • Krieghoff Negrini one-barrel Case