Magpul V-Block Kit


Magpul V-Block Kit



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1 in stock

The Magpul DAKA V-Block Kit expands the functionality of your DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Cases by adding better stability and new storage configurations for gear that doesn’t lay flush in your case or needs extra support. The kit includes two double V-Blocks and two triple V-Blocks constructed from our impact-resistant Expanded Polypropylene. Both blocks feature a V-shaped channel that runs down the center, providing better stability and a custom fit for barrels and other equipment that doesn’t lay flat against the bottom of the case.


  • Added stability and custom fit for barrels and other like items
  • Expanded DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Case configurability
  • Compartmentalize and protect more of your gear
  • Lightweight, durable, non-absorbent, and chemical resistant
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Weight7 kg
Dimensions135 × 30 × 11 cm
UNICASE 1603iThis case fits:
How Many Guns?One Shotgun
Shotgun TypeO/U, SxS, Autoloader or Pump
Rib HeightLow – Med.
Barrel Length37″ Max