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Ole Smokes Coffee – Sippin’ Whiskey (Decaf) – Smoked Blend – Dark Roast

UPC: 628176371054

Ole Smokes Coffee

Sippin' Whiskey (Decaf)



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3 in stock

1 Pack Size: 12oz

Craving the depth of your Ole Smokes Coffee without the sleepless nights? Choose the Sippin’ Whiskey – Smoked Blend – Dark Roast (Decaf). It uphold traditions with smoke-roasting and old-fashioned crafting, putting love and time into each well-crafted batch, offering a balanced brew for the bold yet rest-seeking coffee lovers.

Product Features:

  • Decaf variant of Sippin’ Whiskey blend
  • Dark roast with rich flavor
  • Ideal for nighttime indulgence without sleep disturbance
  • Traditionally smoke roasted
  • Crafted with love and time
  • Well-crafted brew for the balanced and bold
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