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Ole Smokes Coffee – Sippin’ Whiskey – Smoked Blend – Dark Roast

Ole Smokes Coffee

Sippin' Whiskey



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3 in stock

1 Pack Size: 12oz

Savor the distinctive Sippin’ Whiskey – Smoked Blend – Dark Roast, enriched by the smoke of whiskey barrel wood. While we add no actual whiskey, the customization of your brew remains in your hands. At Ole Smokes Coffee, it uphold tradition through smoke roasting, pouring love and time into each well-crafted batch, creating a bold brew for the courageous.

Product Features:

  • Unique whiskey barrel wood smoke infusion
  • Dark roast blend
  • Customizable for personal taste enhancements
  • Traditionally smoke roasted
  • Crafted with love and time
  • Well-crafted brew for the courageous
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