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Powerbelt Aerotip ELR .50 Cal 270 GR 15 Pack

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Aerotip ELR .50 Cal 270 GR 15 Pack

.50 Cal

270 GR




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23 in stock

PowerBelt® ELR Bullets were specially designed for CVA’s PARAMOUNT rifle, but can provide superior long-range performance in any .40, .45 or .50 caliber muzzleloader. In testing with the CVA PARAMOUNT, using the the maximum recommended “supermagnum” charge of Blackhorn® 209 propellant, ELR bullets achieved muzzle velocities of 2740 in .40 caliber, 2560 in .45 caliber, and 2380 in .50 caliber. Critical to the ELR’s long-range potential is the high ballistic coefficient
as compared to other muzzleloading projectiles. Due to their longer length and aggressively tapered shape, the ELRs deliver a .360 BC in .40, a .333 BC in .45 and a .312 BC in .50 caliber. Internally, the ELR is similar in concept to the PowerBelt® AeroLite® bullet, incorporating a large hollow point cavity which eliminates weight from the core, allowing that weight to be used to lengthen the bullet. This hollow core is filled by the tail of the polycarbonate ballistic tip, which offsets the tendency of the bullet to expand too rapidly. Optimal performance of the ELR will be achieved using “magnum” or “super-magnum” propellant charges. Rifles like the CVA PARAMOUNT are designed to handle such “super-magnum” charges (meaning: charges that produce higher pressures than traditional magnum loads). With rifles not designed for such high pressure loads, the maximum propellant charge recommended by the rifle manufacturer should not be exceeded.


1:Polycarbonate tip preserves aerodynamic integrity and prevents premature expansion
2:Smooth plated finish reduces standard deviation between shots for superior accuracy
3:Larger diameter gas check for tight seal
4:Larger hollow point cavity reduces weight and maximizes internal expansion
5:Longer Length combined with aggressively tapered shape
6:Flutes in gas check make it easier to load
7:Scores inside gas check allow positive release when bullet exits barrel
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