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SportEAR X-PRO Series Premium Push-to-Hear Hunting Ear Plugs


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Before your prey is even visible, your ears give you an edge up as a hunter. Those rubs, snorts, rustling leaves, cow calls, grunts, and bugles are your first warning when your target is nearby. Hearing those prey sounds is essential to maximizing your effectiveness as a hunter — but hearing protection is required to keep muzzle blasts from damaging your ears and taking your hearing. The solution is SportEAR X-PRO Series Ear Plugs.

X-PRO Ear Plugs let you toggle between clear hearing and up to NRR 30 of ear-protecting noise blocking. The click of a button in each ear plug switches modes, so you can move fluidly from listening to shooting, without having to stop to put in your ear plugs. And the ergonomic Concha-Lock design of the X-PRO ensures the ear plugs will stay in, and stay comfortable, while you hide, stalk, walk, and run.

Includes two sets of ear tips, foam (NRR 30) and silicone (NRR 24), so you can get the excellent fit you need to seal out noise.

Don’t give up the advantage. Protect your hearing and maximize your effectiveness with X-PRO.

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