Swarovski Optik Z5 5-25×52 P BT L Plex

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Swarovski Optik

Z5 5-25x52 P BT L Plex


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The Z5(i) 5-25×52 P (BT) rifle scope is intended for optimum long-range precision. This 1-inch rifle scope leads the way in its class thanks to its lateral parallax correction and optical performance.

Z5 5-25×52 P BT L

Its 25x magnification and 5x zoom rightly make the Z5 5-25×52 P BT L rifle scope the expert when it comes to long-range hunting. Lateral parallax correction guarantees you a faultless image. The ballistic turret can be separately adjusted to your personal requirements, allowing you to stay on target at different distances.

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Dimensions 150 × 36 × 21 cm