Vanish Stretch Fit Full Head Net in Spandex With 2 Holes, Realtree Edge


Vanish Stretch Fit Full Head Net Realtree Edge



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2 in stock

Product Details
The Vanish™ Stretch Fit Full Head Net is designed to provide ultimate comfort, sized to fit all. Made from a poly spandex material, the head net provides optimum flexibility and comfort by naturally conforming to your head. The lightweight construction provides all-over, breathable coverage. A large eye-opening is designed to give you maximum visibility, even while wearing glasses. The enlarged mouth opening allows for easy use with calls and greater breathability. The full head net is designed with a Realtree Edge® camo print to blend in with your natural surroundings.

Product Features
FLEXIBILITY: Designed with stretchy poly spandex material that conforms to your head
VISIBILITY: Constructed with a large eye opening for visibility, can be used with glasses
BREATHABILITY: Mouth opening for easy call access and breathability
FULL COVERAGE: Head net provides full coverage, sized to fit most
CONCEALMENT: Designed in Realtree Edge Camo print to blend in with natural surroundings

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