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Victrix Target Match 308 Win – Canyon Red


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Target Match

308 Win

Bolt Action





Non Restricted

Benchmark lapped barrel in AISI 416R with stainless steel finishing, muzzle at 1”
Laminate wood stock
Anima® system, stock with monolithic bedding in light alloy
Action rail 20 MoA in light alloy
Anschutz-type rail in light alloy for mounting a bipod
Single-shot action in AISI 630 worked out from billet through milling and turning with finish on electro-discharge and grinding machinery. Bolt with three asymmetric lugs: first lug on top of the cylinder in vertical position (at 12 o’clock), two side lugs arranged at an angle of 105 degree lift, dirt/ice grooves integral
Polished PVD finish on the action and new surface REDSPEED treatment on the bolt
Victrix Single-stage Sporting V trigger adjustable, standard setting 70 gr (2.47 oz) (+/- 20 gr / 0.71 oz)
Bag for a safe transport in rifle case
Explorer case for transport with military specifications cod. 13513
User manual and welcome kit

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