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Zeiss AntiFOG Wipes 30 Pack

UPC: 662834509656


AntiFOG Wipes 30 Pack



32 in stock


32 in stock

  • CONVENIENT: Individually packed AntiFOG wipes for at home, work, school or on-the-go. These eyeglass wipes are individually wrapped and compact, making it easy to carry a few in your bag so you can easily clean your lenses or devices on-the-go. This makes them the perfect lens wipes for eyeglasses and smartphone screens.
  • ZEISS ANTI FOG WIPES FEATURES:: Fog Prevention, Streak-Free, Soft Microfine Tissue, Fast Drying, No Scratch Glass Surfaces – Phone, Eyeglasses, mobile screens wipes, binoculars, cameras.
  • SAFE and GENTLE: Safe to use on eyeglasses, face shields, snow goggles and other high-quality coated optical lens. Gentle formulation and thorough cleaning with added fog prevention.
  • TRUSTED PERFORMANCE: Provides effective fog prevention for up to 24 hours and suitable for every day use.
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