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Because we sell it to you, we’ll fix it for you.

Most new firearms come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, but let’s face it, sometimes it can be a hassle to arrange a repair through the manufacturer. You might even run into long wait times and end up with no gun to go on your shoot that you’ve waited a lifetime for!


That’s when TGDcare can help!


We service your gun, right here on site, in a timely manner!
No need to deal with anyone else but the best, The Gun Dealer.


What’s Covered:

  • Springs
  • Firing Pin
  • Action (on bolt)
  • Trigger Assembly
  • Magazine (spring)
  • Gas System
  • Extractors

What’s NOT Covered:

  • Accidental Damages
  • Butt Plate
  • Bolt Handles
  • Barrels and Ribs
  • Front & Rear sights
  • Scopes and accessories
  • Butt Stocks & Fore Stocks (Cracked Wood)
  • Finish (Barrel, Stock, Butt Scratches)

TGDcare is not limited to the above examples.

your gun.